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Cinthia D Stafford Author, Writer, Artist of K-9 on BoardSince childhood, helping children find their talents has been the driving force behind my dreams. Wise teachings from my family, poised me in a position of compassion; a place of steadfastness that I am grounded in today. I will not say that this journey has been easy.  But, I can say, it is worth the trials, tribulations and heartaches that I have faced.


Finding out through the years of volunteer work with the Department of Human Services and other organizations, I realized how successful children could be with proper training and direction; I knew that I could to do something to aid underprivileged children.


I kept these thoughts in my mind as I continued on in life, but never chose this journey full-heartedly until October 30, 2003.  Then, everything in my life… as I knew it…changed.  I found myself exhausted with acquiring “things” and tired of falling in love with the “cares” of life.  I was alone, with an empty soul.  It was obvious that I was unfulfilled without achieving my divine purpose.

These thoughts were the fire that put me on the course of writing this children’s novel; a message of how one can obtain true happiness by understanding one's reason for being.

Through the course of 10 years, I hand-painted over eighty illustrations, composed music, narrated the book with sound effects, wrote the first and second volume of K-9 On Board, raised three German Shepherd puppies, while holding down a full-time job.  However, my weekends, evenings after work and holidays were full-filled with creativity that made this dream come to fruition.

Since then, I am exploring different avenues to reach children in need.  Experience taught me hands-on teaching is the most effective way to learn.  I am presently working on the plans and foundation for a learning center for children named, “The Door Of Hope”. This center will provide a place to help broaden the minds of the youth of this world and generations to come.

I love spending my time in these endeavors and celebrating my reason for being.  I hope you enjoy my works. 



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