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Bootzy-Wootzy is the editor of The Worthy News of the Day.  Wherever she goes, she is always gathering interesting happenings to feature in the woodlands' newsletter. 

Stop by, often, to catch up on the latest and greatest adventures of the Festoons!

"Membership Oath”

I pledge to Love my Neighbor as myself and be My Brother's Keeper.

I will always let my Bright Light shine and be the Peacemaker.

I will bind Charity and Hope in my heart and sit in the seat of Mercy.

I promise to keep a Humble Heart and neve...r let it harden.

I will always remember my Reason for Being is to plant Seeds for Life… in everyone's garden.


Harry-Yittle-bit …A Veggie-eatin’ Herbalist

Howdy folks, ‘n’ welcome ta my Garden Club. Iz-a can’t wait ta teach you'ns how ta grow ye own garden!  Even if ye only have a clay pot ‘n’ dirt, ye can eat ye own stuff; so follow me ta my Plantin’ Tips ‘n’ we’ll git a’ started.

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