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A Wren's Story~

A Wren's Story~

One afternoon, I noticed a pair of House Wrens, with their effervescent voice, popping in and out of the Gerber Daisy container on my veranda. As I watched and listened to their rush-and-jumble song, I became aware that they were building a nest. In unison, the couple hop-scotched through shrubs and low tree branches, gathering all sorts of twigs and moss to build their humble abode.

It was so amazing to watch the ritual, the male stood high, turning his head in all directions, singing to the top of his lungs, warning his bride that he was about to enter the nest.  I so enjoyed watching them build and plan their family; so one day, I was daring enough to peek in the nest and counted five little eggs neatly tucked in their well-built home.

For the next two weeks, I watched them snatch insects and collect sundry bugs of all sorts.  And then one day, they were gone…  I miss them and the entertainment of watching wildlife in action; however, I know that one day they will return and start all over again!

Love The Farm Lady Cinthia~

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© Cinthia D. Stafford

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Friday, 26 April 2019
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