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My Celebration, "A Reason for Being"

My Celebration,  "A Reason for Being"

Dear Friends,

I want to share the opportunity to celebrate,  "A Reason for Being". Two years ago, today, I released my first childrens novel, K-9 on Board ~ The Rescue Pets. 

June 23 is not only a day to mark my publishing date, but it is also my grandfather, John Berry's birthday.

My grandfather is still my inspiration,  my rock and the man that defined love in the most consistent way.

He inspired me not to quit and never give up, regardless!

He showed me how to build any foundation on solid ideas and ideals; and to always count the
cost of the investment, whether it be of oneself or monetarily.

Last but not least...LOVE!

He did not allow controversy in his home; Forgiveness was the weapon that won the war!

He loved unconventionally.   There were no racial differences, nor creed (religious differences) or socio economical differences (one's worth) in ANY ONE!

He was poor and fed the hungry, he worked long hours and helped his neighbors, he loved you whether you loved him or not!  He was kind, considerate, respectful to everyone and was as wise as a Svengali.

But most importantly, he taught me that everyone
has a Reason for Being...SO... Happy Birthday Biga' John Berry and K-9 on Board!

Love Cinthia. The Farm Lady~


The Spirit Of The Eagles~
To Love & Be Loved~


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